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Tsunami MMA Gym

Tsunami MMA gym, Cambridge, is one of the leading centres for Mixed Martial Arts in Europe. Home to some of the top fighters in the UK, including current UFC middleweight contender Luke Barnatt, UFC veteran and Cage Warriors fighter, Tsunami Gym Cambridge has some of the finest minds and fists in the business.

Whether you’re a newbie to the sport or an aspiring UFC champion, Tsunami MMA Cambridge is the perfect place to learn how to bob, weave, arm bar and grapple like a pro. Every month our professional coaches breakdown the moves they’ve used in the cage to beat the best fighters in the world. Whether you’re looking to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Thai Boxing, Wrestling or a combination of all the arts, commonly known as Mixed Martial Arts, you’ll find it all at Tsunami MMA Cambridge.

Regardless of whether you’re aim is to become a fighter with the UFC, or you simply want to improve your fitness and learn some self-defence techniques, Tsunami MMA is a friendly, professional team that operates under the Shooters program. This affiliation not only links us with some of the best grappling gyms in the world, but gives our team access to some of the top fighters and coaches in Europe; all of which have helped shape our MMA courses.

Tsunami Gym Cambridge

If you’re looking for the highest level of fitness training from some of the country’s leading trainers then Tsunami Gym, Cambridge, is the place for you. Working alongside our professional fight team, we have a core group of fitness instructors and personal trainers leading our weekly sessions.

Having worked with professional athletes competing at the highest levels, our trainers know exactly how to run classes that will get you results. Whether it’s circuit training, boxercise or a block of one-to-one sessions with our personal trainers, Tsunami Gym Cambridge is a vibrant and welcoming club where people of all ages work together to achieve their fitness goals.

For more information about any of our fitness or MMA classes, visit Tsunami Gym or get in touch with us via the contact page.