Martin Kampmann: Life after the UFC

Ever wondered what someone does when they retire from the UFC?

In a recent interview with, Martin Kampmann explained how he’s now the Head Coach at Team Alpha Male and somewhat of a poker star in the making.

Despite making a living with his fists for almost a decade, the Danish MMA star is now using his mind to outsmart his opponents and win some serious cash at the poker table.

I got into poker around 2004 after watching my buddy play Seven Card Stud online. Soon after that Texas Hold’em became the big thing and I started play online alongside my friends.
I continued to play online until Black Friday put a damper on everything and forced me to look to the live arena. Living in Las Vegas gave me the opportunity to play live once in a while but training was always my number one priority. However, when I did find time to play I used to dabble in some cash games as well as tournaments.
I actually played a charity tournament that Randy Couture held at the Hard Rock Casino which was fun. There were a few pro players in it, but I was fortunate enough to win which gave me a confidence boost. Strangely, my brother actually won the same tournament the following year won while he was over here visiting me. Apart from these few occasions, I didn’t get to play as much as I would have liked because focus was fighting.
Eventually, when online casino and poker games became legal in the US, in States such as New Jersey and Nevada, I talked with Jason Somerville about helping out with the promotion of Ultimate Poker. Ultimate Poker was connected to the UFC so I thought I was a good fit, and I guess they thought the same.

Here at Tsunami Gym we also know the a certain Mr. Luke Barnatt and Mr. John Maguire are partial to a few hands of poker, so who knows, we could see the three fighters squaring off against each other across the table in the future.

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